This Department sells fresh, frozen and pickled food (a variety of seafood, meat, pasta, cheese, cold meats, broth, oil, juice, etc.) prepared by various companies,...



The textile department provides textile machinery and accessories to clothing manufacturers under the Ministry of Industry, as well as raw materials to



This Department distributes a wide variety of tubes/profiles to various construction companies. We are certified by the APCI, LABET, DITEC.



This Department sells construction and mini mechanization equipment; machinery and engine parts of various brands, repair shop and



This department sells various products sourced through our international presence. We provide a wide range of products to the Cuban



This Department markets clothing, shoes, accessories, and sportswear. It has developed three different retail chains with stores all over the country in order to me...


Multiple Brands

This division supplies various industry sectors, wheel and tyre repair supplies, packaging materials for different industries,raw materials for the packaging indust...



Through a number of petrochemical companies associated with the group, this department provides petroleum products to the Cuban market, the products comprising ing...


Electrical Supplies

This division has expanded and now also supplies workshop equipment, lathes, grinding wheels, milling machines, thermal treatment equipment, cranes and other machin...



This department provides hydro-sanitary systems , specializing mostly in new areas of investment in tourism, for which we ensure the provision of supplies from ware...




United Products e Indaco Limited

United Product’s annual accounts are audited by Ormsby & Rhodes and 

legal advice from Mangan O’Beirne Solicitors.

The United Products Limited and Indaco Limited group is a trading and industrial investment group founded in the Republic of Ireland in 1994, with its head office located in Dublin. It is part of a group of globally renowned manufacturers who have come together in a strategic alliance to provide a variety of products and raw materials to Cuba and the Caribbean.
In that same year, 1994, the company opened a branch in Cuba. Within a few years, United Products had significantly grown its presence in the Cuban market, and has a current turnover of approximately 50 million dollars per annum.

As part of its international business platform, it has a representative office in China and local ‘partners’ in India, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Panama, Canada, Turkey and Nigeria.

In the past the United Products Group partnered with the Ministry of Light Industry to start and manage an International Partnership (Puntex-Unipro), with a site in Guanabacoa, where ‘Imagen’ Cuba t-shirts and jumpers were manufactured for sale int the main retail chains for the Cuban tourism sector.

The International Partnership (Puntex-Unipro) was active for over 9 years, its work yielding incredible results until its date of expiration, in 2007. We have maintained supplies of raw
materials, machine parts, accessories and technical support to the company to this day.

United Products Ltd is a 50% partner in the Empresa MixtaMediatex SA along with the Ministry of Industry, manufacturing dress socks and athletic socks (for men, women and children) sold to the population by retailers. This mixed-ownership company was established to eliminate the country’s reliance on importation of these products, which were previously imported from China, Panama and other countries.

United Products e Indaco Limited

Financial Control and Operations

Since its incorporation United Product’s annual accounts are audited by Ormsby & Rhodes, one of the most prominent and renowned accounting firms in Ireland. The group seeks legal advice from Mangan O’Beirne Solicitors, Dublin.


The group works with prominent banks from several countries in order to ensure wide international presence, including:

  • AIB Allied Irish Banks plc, Ireland
  • BIL, Luxembourg
  • Intesa San Paolo Group, England
  • Banco Sabadell, Spain
  • Republic Bank, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Banco Financiero Internacional, Cuba
  • Banco Internacional de Crédito y Comercio, Cuba


In Cuba, the group is comprised of specialised departments, each with its own business structure and independent operations management, all of which are coordinated by the head office and administrative financial and accounting centre in Dublin.

Flow Chart

Organisational structure

Organisational structure of United Products Limited and Indaco Limited, founded in 1994 in the Republic of Ireland, with its main office located in Dublin.

Flow Chart


FIHAV 2017

Pasta and Sauces

In the next edition of La Feria de La Habana 2017, United Products will be an active participant by displaying their products in multiple stands. The Food Department will
showcase the brands most often sold in Cuba, including a variety of seafood, meat, pasta, cheese, cold meats, broth, oil and juice.


Many different types of pasta to be sold by the country’s retailers, as well as hotels all over the island will be displayed. Barilla pasta is one of the most distinguished and most
frequently purchased products in Italy. Barilla pays great attention to the local market, with a variety of long and short-cut pasta.

United Products

We will showcase other products from our departments this year. We invite you to pay us a
visit at the largest fair in Cuba next November.

You can



Philip Holmes
Governing director

3rd Floor ,34, Upper Fitzwilliam Street,
Dublin 2, Ireland.

Telephone: +353 16761516



Omar J. Valdes, Vice-representante
Deputy Representative
Raul Delmonte
Marketing Manager

Calle 8 No. 318 entre 3ra y 5ta, Miramar.
Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
Telephone numbers: +537 2040033 (switchboard)

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